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Additional Cheater Checker 4.0 Features
Records User Activity 100% silently (Running Visually Is Also Available)
Password Protected For Your Eyes Only
Print Captured Data
Time Schedule Your PC Monitoring
Monitor Only Specific Users Of Your PC
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Use Cheater Checker To Protect Your Children From Online Predators!

As a parent you lock your doors and windows to keep the "bad" people away from your children. But in the age of cyberspace, the "bad" people can get into your home every time your child connects to the Internet.

Over 1 Million Pedophiles Predicted To Be Online Today

The most dangerous aspect of the Internet is its use by pedophiles. Child molesters and predators use the Internet to pose as youngsters themselves to communicate with other children, expose them to pornography and arrange to meet them in person. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children found that one in five children who regularly use the Internet have received a sexual solicitation while online.

Children are very impressionable, and the Internet is an avenue that allows them to enter into many different realities. Your child can use the Internet to play games, download music, watch videos, and communicate with friends. The Internet can also allow your children to access informational websites where they can become more knowledgeable. It's true that the Internet is a very beneficial place for our children to study, gain knowledge, and have fun.

But the Internet can also be used as a trap to hurt your children.

1 In 7 Kids Are Approached Online by Predators

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), A very scary fact is that 1 in 7 children who use the Internet are approached by online predators.

Pedophiles are using the Internet as a tool to strike up conversations with children so that they can become friends with them, and in time lure them out of their home in order to have sex with them, kidnap them, and in some cases kill them.

These predators wait for your children to join Internet chat rooms, or enter other various websites that they know they can use in their favor to approach your unsuspecting child, and when the time is just right, they attack.

In what may be even more disheartening to parents, NCMEC says only 27 percent of kids who receive unwanted sexual content including sexually explicit photos, videos or an invitation to meet someone, are likely to report it to a parent or guardian. 3 out of 4 kids never say anything!

Options As A Parent

As a parent you can choose to never let your children access the Internet, but this decision could cause harm to your child's education since much of their schoolwork depends on the research they do online and their future employment will most likely involve the Internet. So keeping them off of the Internet really isn't an option.

You also can't be looking over your child's shoulder 100% of the time to see what it is they do online. Your child wouldn't like it and you don't have the time.

What if you could monitor your child's activity, record the websites they visited, see any emails or chats they sent or received, and the programs and games they played online? You can.

If you have a teenager, do you know what kinds of photos of themselves they have put online, and what potentially dangerous information they unknowingly provide to potential predators? You can.

The Solution

That's right, with Cheater Checker, you can sit down with your children and together review their Internet activity. This allows you to discuss with them what you approve of, and disapprove of. This sounds like a much better option than not allowing Internet use, and an option that will keep your kids safe and happy.

For less than the cost of a dinner out on the town, you'll have peace of mind knowing that you have protected your kids while they surf the Internet.


Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Cheater Checker Today!

Monitors And Records All Emails
Cheater Checker takes virtual snap shots of emails as they are written and received. It doesn't matter what email program or service your child uses. It doesn't matter if the emails are deleted right after they are read or sent.  
Monitors And Records All Instant Message/Chats
Cheater Checker takes snap shots of all chats that take place on the PC including all major instant messengers like Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, and more. Catch & stop any pedophiles from chatting with your children.  
Monitors And Records All Key Strokes
Cheater Checker captures every key typed on your PC. This is an incredible tool, because it captures all keys pressed including any text that is normally hidden, such as passwords. With this information, you can now gain access to ALL of your child's online email services like hotmail, yahoo and Gmail, and any accounts at MySpace or other social networks.  
Monitors And Records All Web Sites Visited
Cheater Checker will record every web site visited on your PC for easy access later. It takes snap shots of the pages being visited and allows you to play them back with VCR/DVD play-like functions. Is your child surfing porn? Are they playing online games when they're supposed to be doing something else? You'll now know! Surf through hours of your child's online browsing in just minutes.  
Do All Of This From Anywhere
Cheater Checker allows you to use the built in IRIS feature which emails you everything it is recording, at whatever interval you wish. Does your child get home from school several hours before you do, and you want to see what they are doing on the computer? Cheater Checker allows you to do this.  
Block Unwanted Sites
Cheater Checker gives you the ability to review all sites visited and then block any sites you don't want household members to access. You can even add customized text that your children will see when they try to access the site. Control what your household can and can't access online.  
Completely Hidden
Cheater Checker can run in the open if you so choose, to discourage children from going places they shouldn't be, or you can also set it to run in stealth mode where it is undetectable. Cheater Checker won't show up in the program files, running programs, task bar, registry or any other place. Completely hidden!  
Monitor And Capture Every Program Run On Your PC
Cheater Checker will log every application that is run on your PC. Is somebody launching your accounting software, instant messenger or trying to access your email application? Is your child running music downloading software or potentially putting you at risk by downloading and installing copyrighted applications? Not anymore, at least not without you knowing!  
Easy To Install & Use
In less than two minutes you can have Cheater Checker up and running on your PC. In addition, we provide complete documentation that will explain every feature fully.  
Security / Privacy When Ordering
You may not want anybody to know you purchased Cheater Checker, especially if you are planning to run it in Stealth mode. Your credit card will show a payment from Click Bank, a processor for thousands of online stores, so there is no way to link it back to any one particular product.  

Won't it be a relief to know if an adult is trying to lure your child into having sex with them, that you can stop it?

For a limited time, we're going to offer a HUGE bonuse for anybody who orders Cheater Checker today.


We created 2 videos that show you tips and tricks you can do with Cheater Checker to get the most out of it. We know that reading manuals isn't the most fun thing in the world, and people tend to learn better by watching somebody else do it first. You'll have instant access to these videos right after your purchase - no waiting for a DVD. You'll learn little tricks that most people miss. This is a $39 value and you get it for FREE when you order today. This is only available if you pay for and download Cheater Checker today, and not available through the demo download.


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