Cheater Checker Automatically Records All:

Additional Cheater Checker 4.0 Features
Records User Activity 100% silently (Running Visually Is Also Available)
Password Protected For Your Eyes Only
Print Captured Data
Time Schedule Your PC Monitoring
Monitor Only Specific Users Of Your PC
24 Hour / 7 Days Per Week Support
Capture Every Program Run On Your PC

Find out instantly who has been accessing private applications on your PC. Is somebody snooping through your accounting software or launching your private instant messenger or email? Cheater Checker will tell you.

Cheater Checker keeps a detailed log of every application that is launched on your PC and when it was launched.

With all the other features built into PC Pandora, you'll see what they were doing with these applications once they were launched.

People can download just about anything on the Internet these days, and that brings with it some potential risks. Did your kids install some free music downloader that is riddled with adware and spyware? This could leave your computer and personal information ripe for the picking, including allowing access to your credit cards and bank accounts. Did your child download an illegal movie that could be tracked by the motion picture association of America, putting you at financial risk? Now you'll know!


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