Cheater Checker Automatically Records All:

Additional Cheater Checker 4.0 Features
Records User Activity 100% silently (Running Visually Is Also Available)
Password Protected For Your Eyes Only
Print Captured Data
Time Schedule Your PC Monitoring
Monitor Only Specific Users Of Your PC
24 Hour / 7 Days Per Week Support
Records All Emails

Your child tells you they want to stay the night at their friend's house and you agree. That day while he or she is at school, you review Cheater Checker and find an email like this one:

Lucky for you, you can confront your child about the situation before it turns into something bad.

What if you child deletes all of their email after sending them, trying to cover up their tracks? With Cheater Checker, it doesn't matter -- you'll have snap shots of every email read, written and sent. You'll even have screen shots of them trying to cover it up!

Best of all, whether your child uses a pc based email program like Outlook or Outlook express, or even an online mail system like Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo, or Gmail PC Pandora will help you protect your family.

Anytime the computer is being usedCheater Checker can start capturing ALL emails for you either in the form of screen shots, or even as fully captured emails. You'll see the content of the email, who it came from, and what the subject line is.

You'll quickly discover if your child is using secret email addresses you didn't even know existed. And you'll discoverwho every email is sent to.

Perhaps the most powerful feature is PC Pandora's ability to capture the login and full password of every one of those email accounts. Armed with that information, you can log into any email account your child uses and see emails that were previous sent or received even before you installed Cheater Checker. With Cheater Checker, you may have access to emails that could be weeks or months old.

If there is an attachment or photos attached in the email, and they are opened, Cheater Checker can even capture that. The power of Cheater Checker's capturing technology is phenomenal!


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