Cheater Checker Automatically Records All:

Additional Cheater Checker 4.0 Features
Records User Activity 100% silently (Running Visually Is Also Available)
Password Protected For Your Eyes Only
Print Captured Data
Time Schedule Your PC Monitoring
Monitor Only Specific Users Of Your PC
24 Hour / 7 Days Per Week Support

Welcome To The CheaterCheckers Member's Download Page.

Note the trial will be fully functional for 30 minutes from the time of installation. After that time CheaterCheckers will continue to fully record all activity on your computer but you will need to register to continue to access the full details of the recorded data.

Here are your download and installation instructions.

  1. Configure your anti-virus program, such as Norton Anti-Virus, to exclude CheaterChecker from detection. Instructions for configuring your anti-virus is available here:
  2. Download the CheaterCheckers installer from this link
  3. Run the installer on the computer you wish to monitor. After clicking the link above, simply click RUN or OPEN when the dialog window pops up.
  4. To install CheaterCheckers you have to agree to the terms of the license agreement. You must agree to install only on a computer you have permission to install to.
  5. If you get a password prompt it means that a version of CheaterCheckers is already installed on your computer. Enter your CheaterCheckers password in order to proceed with the installation.
  6. Proceed with the installation.
  7. Type in a password in order to protect access to your CheaterCheckers software. Don't forget the password! You will not be able to use CheaterCheckers without it!
  8. IMPORTANT! Make a note of the default HOTKEY combination. You will need to know this sequence of keys to gain access to CheaterCheckers viewer after installation in Stealth mode. You must press and hold down the Alt - Shift - and Ctrl keys and then press the letter Z while still holding the other 3 keys down.
  9. NOTE: You should change your CheaterCheckers HOTKEY sequence. This will help ensure security from intruders.
  10. Choose Stealth mode if you want the program to be hidden, or select Visible if you want the program to display an icon in the taskbar while recording.
  11. Installation is complete. Select YES to reboot your computer and begin monitoring.
  12. Once monitoring has begun press the HOTKEY combination to open the Viewer to see the recorded activity.
  13. Once the trial expires to unlock all CheaterCheckers Viewer's functionality click on the 'Register' option in the 'Help' menu and obtain a Registration Key.


We created 2 videos that show you tips and tricks you can do with Cheater Checker to get the most out of it. We know that reading manuals isn't the most fun thing in the world, and people tend to learn better by watching somebody else do it first.

To access the bonus videos, right-click on one of the links below and then select 'Save Target As' :

Cheater Checker Video Manual Part 1 (23MB, requires Windows Media Player)

Cheater Checker Video Manual Part 2 (19MB, requires Windows Media Player)

If you have any questions please visit our support page or contact the customer service here.

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